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Farmhouse Favourites

– available year round

Between the Eyes Tall Can Mandy

Between the Eyes Lager 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

5 % ABV               IBUS 28

Between the Eyes Lager combines the flavours of BC Pilsner and Munich malts, Fraser Valley hops, and Norwegian farmhouse yeast that dance on your tongue as nimbly as a mountain goat on the Eyes of the Tweedsmuir Mountains!

Dark Sky Session Strength Black IPA 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

4.8 ABV         IBUS 38

Inspired by the bright stars of our northern sky, our Dark Sky session strength Black IPA lights up your senses with dark malt and galaxies of hop aroma.

Dark Sky Mandy
Lost Viking Mandy

Lost Viking Juniper Wheat Ale 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

5 % ABV               IBUS 28

Our local bluffs are covered with fragrant beds of juniper.  Using a Scandinavian tradition of adding juniper boughs and berries to beer, our Lost Viking Wheat Ale, has a refreshing sour and fragrant taste!

Pig’s Eye Rye 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

6 % ABV            IBUS 35

This unique Belgian style rye beer has a spicy and fruity combination for the adventurous among us

Pig's Eye Rye Mandy
Pondosy Pale Ale Mandy

Pondosy Pale Ale 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

5.2 % ABV       IBUS 20

Waterfall crisp with BC pale malt, honey malt, and 3 additions of the Northwest’s finest Cascadian hops, this pale ale is at home on your deck or in the great outdoors!

Mixed Pack 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

5.0 ABV Mixed IBUS

Enjoy a mix of Dark Sky Black IPA Session Strength, Lost Viking Juniper Wheat Ale, Pig’s Eye Belgian Rye, and Pondosy Pale Ale

Ootsa Pogo Mandy

Ootsa Pogo Double IPA 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

8.0 % ABV        IBUS 60

Our first Double IPA has deep flavours of Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and CTZ hops that glide surprisingly smoothly from your first sip to your last!


Seasonal – Saisons and Ales

6.0 ABV IBUS 28

This tart, effervescent saison captures the sweetness of summer on the farm. Locally sourced raspberries combined with BC sourced hops and a hint of BC select pale barley, oats, organic sugar, and Citra hops deliver a slice of northern summer.

Siberian Express Haskap Saison 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

6.0 % ABV IBUS 28

From the wilds of Siberia to our northern community comes our locally sourced haskap saison. The fragrant tart bouquet and purple hue make this very special immigrant a genius of flavour and complexity.

In the Rhubarb Rhubarb Saison 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

6.0 % ABV IBUS 52

We are delighted to bring you fresh from our farm, a saison with tart and tangy tones of rhubarb. We celebrate the northern tenacity of this hardy plant along with spicy notes and grapefruit aroma from the ample addition of Centennial and Citra hops. ra hops deliver a slice of northern summer.

Misery Slippers Winter Ale 4 pack of .473 ml tall cans

ABV 7.0 % IBUS 41

This warming winter ale has a smooth, full, sweet flavour with hints of rum and raisin. It will keep you going when the going gets tough! Perfect after a day spent in the great outdoors!

Lovers Rock Mandy

Specialty Beer

Lover’s Rock Porter 4 pack of .473 ml tall can

6.5 % ABV           IBUS 23

Tantalize your taste buds with this smooth dark ale that embraces the sweet combination of dark chocolate and raspberry.  Feel the love!

Available from January to April.


Our vision has always been to create flavours in our beer that reflect our local area and culture. Our desire is for our farm to integrate with our brewery in a permaculture system where our crops contribute to our beer and our brewery contribute to our farm.