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Dark Sky Ale 4.8% $10.99
Inspired by the deep star fields and crackling auroras of the Southside skies our dark sky ale lights up your senses with dark malt and galaxies of hop aroma. At 4.8% alcohol by volume, it will keep you star gazing!
Lost Viking 5% $10.99
The Basalt Bluffs overlooking Ootsa Lake are covered in ancient beds of fragrant Juniper. They have inspired the unique flavour of the Lost Viking. This refreshing wheat ale celebrates the Scandinavian tradition of flavouring beer with Juniper.
Pondosy Pale Ale $10.99
When the scenery is as spectacular as Pondosy Bay in Tweedsmuir Park, your beer doesn't have too fancy. Waterfall crisp with BC pale malt, honey malt, and 3 additions of the Northwests finest Cascadian Hops, this beer is at home in the back country or on the back deck. Refreshment at its best!
Pig's Eye Rye 6% $10.99
Dedicated to the adventurous soulds who fling themselves down the mountains on two wheels, this unique rye beer has its own adventurous and refreshing taste based on a solid backbone of Canadian rye grains, nimble Northwest Hops, and a racy European white beer yeast. A percwntage of the proceeds go to the ongoing trail of the proceeds go to the ongoing trail building efforts of Rideburns, our world class mountain bike club.
Ootsa Pogo IPA 8% $12.99
Who knows what prehistoric beat lurk in the murky depths of Ootsa Lake? This double IPA with deep flavours of Cascade, Centennial, Chinook & ct3 hops glide smoothly with a bit of organic sugar. A solid malt spine makes it dangerously drinkable.
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